The participant’s own equipment

The following clothing is recommended:

  • Clothes made of artificial material against the body, on top of that a layer of warming clothes, and a windproof and waterproof jacket (for example a rain jacket if you don’t own a paddle jacket) as the outermost layer – you can easily get cold out on the water even if the weather is nice and warm on land. If it gets to warm you can put on lighter clothes. Clothes made by cotton are not recommended.
  • For the head: cap or beanie
  • For the feet: light thin shoes, wool socks or barefoot (the feet often get wet)
  • For the hands: in cold climate, for example neoprene gloves could be needed
  • While taking a pause on land something warm could be needed to put on
  • Possibly bathing clothes and towel
  • When weather or water is cold, wetsuit or drysuit could be recommended)

Dress according to the weather. The participant is recommended to bring two extra set of clothes, at least one extra set. Two set because while paddling you always become wet, more or less, and you can be unfortunate to capsize in the beginning of the paddling event. For tour over several days more clothes could be needed. If the participant uses glasses or sunglasses those could be secured by a string in order not to fall off. Sunscreen could be needed. On paddling tours with sleepover also tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad should be brought. Possible additional necessary equipment.

The organizer will not be responsible for the participants belongings. The participant is recommended not to bring any costly belongings to the paddling events.

The organizer’s equipment

The organizer will provide the following:

  • kayak
  • paddle
  • safety vest
  • spray skirt
  • a bag made of thick plastic for the participant’s belongings, which is put inside the kayak.
  • on longer tours the participant can use the organizer’s pots and cooking burners – if the participant haven’t got any of his/ her own

The participant is responsible for returning the organizer’s equipment unharmed after the paddling event.

Liquid and nutrition

It’s recommended that the participant bring liquid and nutrition, for example water, energy bar, fruit and sandwich for shorter paddling events. Even a thermos with warm drink could be recommended. For longer events of course more food and drinks are required (2-4 liter liquid every 24 hours).