Continuation course kayak

Continuation course kayak

Continuation course kayak

Here we practice paddling skills, which is also good training for Meloja 2 kajakki (EPP2 kayak). The course suit those who have taken the basic course.

You may yourself have influence on what paddling skills we shall train a little extra – inform us when you book the course.

Degree of difficulty: Intermediate

Requirements: Able to swim 200 meters and 15 years old. If you are under 18 years of age, you need an adult responsible for you to participate in the same paddling activity as you.

Number of participants: 2-6 pers

Course length: 4 hours

Price: 50 eur (Loppi);     70 eur (Helsinki, Espoo)

Place and time:

Lauttasaari, Helsinki:     15.5 at 16-20;      25.5 at 16-20;      20.7 at 16-20

Lehtisaari, Helsinki:     15.6 at 16-20

Loppijärvi, Loppi:      29.6 at 9-13

Haukilahti, Espoo:       21.5 at 9-13;       27.7 at 9-13

Punelia/ Sakara, Loppi:     23.5 at 9-13;       28.5 at 9-13




We go through the following

Lifting, carrying and launching

Forward paddling

Stopping and reverse paddling

Draw stroke and moving sideways

Low brace support and preventing capsize

Stern rudder/ paddle as rudder

Low brace turn



Capsize, swim on shore, empty, assisted re-entry

Capsize and climb back in

Bow rescue / Eskimo rescue

Deep water peer rescue

Personal protective equipment

Navigation skills

 High recovery stroke

Sculling draw

Sculling support